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Toronto General Hospital Research Institute (TGHRI) is excited to announce its annual Research Day, to be held virtually on Tuesday November 9th, 2021.  This year’s theme will be "Recent Clinical Research Trials".

This year's keynote speaker will be:
Dr. Carolyn S. Calfee, Professor of Medicine and Anesthesia at the University of California, San Francisco, where she attends in the intensive care units. Her primary academic focus is the pathogenesis and treatment of the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).  Dr. Calfee will be presenting "Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Innovation in COVID-19 Clinical Trial Design and Post-Pandemic Implications" at the 2021 TGHRI Research Day.  

This event is a celebration of TGHRI achievements in basic and clinical research and it is an opportunity to promote interdepartmental and cross pillar collaborations among researchers.  TGHRI Research Day is open to all TGHRI Scientists, Clinician Scientists, trainees and staff.  Aside from keynote presentation and presentations by TGHRI Scientists featuring their ongoing research, participants will learn about the ongoing research at TGHRI through trainee poster presentations.  As in previous years, the first round of poster judging will take place prior to Research Day.  TGHRI faculty and leadership team will grade the posters and audio presentations online.  Highest ranked presentations will be asked to give a 1-min flash presentation of their work during Research Day, and the winners will be presented with an award.  Posters and audio presentations will be available for online viewing starting November 5 until December 31.

Important Dates:

Now - Oct 15: Registration opens
Oct 1 - 15: TGHRI VoiceThread (VT) website opens for e-Poster and 5-min voiceover presentation submission
(*e-Poster and voiceover presentation submissions are part of the registration process.  You will receive an email invitation from VoiceThread within 24 hrs of your registration to create & upload your work.)  The e-Poster template can be found here.
Oct 15:

e-Poster and 5-min voiceover presentation submission due

Oct 18 - 26: VT website opens for poster judges to evaluate work
Oct 27 Poster judges' evaluations due
Oct 28 - 29: Selected 1-min flash presenters notified
Nov 2 - 3: Flash presentations recorded with AV team
Nov 5 - Dec 31:       VT website opens to all viewers

*Please note online registration is mandatory.

TGHRI Research Day 2021 is organized by the TGHRI Directorate Office.  Please contact Cathy Chau at with any questions.


Dr. Carolyn S. Calfee

University of California, San Francisco

Carolyn S. Calfee, MD MAS is Professor of Medicine and Anesthesia at the University of California, San Francisco, where she attends in the intensive care units.  Her primary academic focus is the pathogenesis and treatment of the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).  Current research projects include: (1) molecular subphenotypes of ARDS and precision medicine in critical care; (2) the role of environmental exposures including smoking, air pollution, and novel tobacco products in susceptibility to lung injury; and (3) novel treatments for ARDS.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been the UCSF clinical lead and steering committee member for the NIAID-funded Immunophenotyping Assessment in a COVID-19 Cohort (IMPACC) study and she is one of the lead PI’s for the ISPY COVID clinical trial, a Phase 2 adaptive platform clinical trial of novel treatments for COVID-19 associated ARDS.


Eddy Fan, MD PhD,  Associate Professor
Eddy Fan is an Associate Professor in the Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine and the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto and a Staff Intensivist at the University Health Network/Mount Sinai Hospital.  Dr. Fan received his undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto, his medical degree from the University of Western Ontario and a PhD in Clinical Investigation from Johns Hopkins University. He is currently the Medical Director of the Extracorporeal Life Support Program at the Toronto General Hospital.  Dr. Fan’s research has focused on advanced life support for acute respiratory failure and patient outcomes from critical illness. 

Bettina Elisabeth Hansen, PhD MSc, Associate Professor

Bettina Hansen is an internationally recognized biostatistician who leads large-scale clinical research projects related to chronic hepatitis, auto-immune liver diseases and rare liver diseases in children.  Her work initiating international multi-center studies, and novel application of sophisticated statistical tools have transformed the understanding, clinical management, and treatment of liver conditions around the world. 
The goals of her research program are to identify patients with complex diseases whose conditions will either devolve or improve with treatment, and to create pathways to drug discovery for rare, slowly progressing conditions which would otherwise be impossible to study.
Bettina Hansen holds the Francis Family Chair in International Biostatistics Research for Autoimmune Liver Disease. She has published over 330 peer-reviewed articles and has initiated the Global PBC Study Group and CaNAL (Canadian Network for Autoimmune Liver Diseases) and is participating in the International HBV, PSC and rare disease Forum.

Dinesh Thavendiranathan, MD SM, Associate Professor

Dinesh Thavendiranathan is a cardiologist at the Toronto General Hospital. He is an Associate Professor of medicine at the University of Toronto and a Clinician Scientist.  His clinical practice involves advances cardiac imaging (cardiac MRI, CT, and echocardiography) with a focus on the field of Cardio-oncology. He is the Director of the Ted Rogers Program in Cardiotoxicity Prevention. His research focus is in the use of advanced cardiac imaging strategies for detection, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular disease in patients with cancer. He is an international expert in the field of Cardio-oncology and holds a Canada Research Chair in the field.   

Sharon Walmsley, MD, Professor
Sharon Walmsley is the Director of the Immunodeficiency Clinic and HIV Clinical Research at Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network and a Professor, University of Toronto, Department of Medicine.  She is a Senior Scientist at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute and the Co- Chair of the CIHR- Canadian HIV Trials Network. She is actively involved in the design and conduct of many clinical trials, including trials in HIV therapy, prophylaxis and treatment of opportunistic infections, and management of the complications of treatment. She has been an advocate of gender specific analysis of clinical trials of antiretroviral therapy.  Her current research is towards a better understanding of the interaction between HIV and aging. She is an expert in issues related to women’s health and HIV.  She holds numerous peer-reviewed publications and research awards related to clinical trials in HIV.  She is the recipient of a Chair in HIV Clinical Management and Aging from the Ontario HIV Treatment Network.  In June 2017, she was appointed as a Member of the Order of Canada for her contributions in HIV Research.


Please refer to step-by-step instructions to submit an e-Poster and record your 5-minute voiceover presentation here.  The e-Poster template can be found here.

TGHRI VoiceThread (VT) website will be open for e-Poster and 5-min voiceover presentation submission between October 1 and October 15, 2021.

Special thanks to our sponsors who make this event possible


Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 13:00 to 16:00